Hand Engraving

The Process


Set an appointment or walk in to sit down with a specialist about your ideas, set a timeline and discuss budget (financing is available) *bring any inspiration, ideas, or family heirloom to add engraving too.


Once we have sketches done we ask that you stop by the store to review them and discuss an estimate breakdown. We look for feedback and any changes you may want to make to the piece. 

Production(3 Step Process)

Sketch: The engraver/jeweler will begin by sketching a picture of the engraving we are creating for you. This is done by hand which makes each piece unique, we will ask that you come back in to approve the sketch, or make any changes necessary. * On occassion we can email pictures of the sketches)

Engraving: The engraver/jeweler will begin by engraving ontop of a film placed on the item we are engraving and do a "light" engraving so that the images imprints on the film, this give us the ability to make any small changes needed and to make sure that it lines up perfectly.

Delivery: You will come in once we notify you that the piece is done to pick it up. We will then sit down and go over the engraving and make sure that it meets your standards. If you would like a professional picture of the piece taken we can provide that for you. 


What is Hand Engraving? A perfect way to malke any gift more meaningful with a personal expression that is etched onto the metal to create a lasting impression.

What can be engraved? Engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion/designer pieces, lockets, pendants, charms, bracelets, watches & more.  

What is the turn around time?  Due to the nature of engraving being customized to each customer, turn around times will vary based on the piece and what we are engraving.  Simple engravings: initials, names, and dates ~> 1 week  Complex engravings: Crests, monogram, logo, patters ~> 2/4 weeks