Watch Batteries & Repair

Watch Batteries

We gladly replace batteries in most watches while you wait for $15. While the average life of a standard battery is 12-18 months, we'll replace it as needed for 3 years, free of charge.   

*  We open and reseal each watch appropriately using industry standard tools.  We assume no liability for the water resistance of any watch in which we have changed the battery. Water Resistance testing is a separate charge and will need to be left with us for 3 days.

*  Watches with more than one battery are priced at $15 + $7.50 per additional battery.

Digital sports watches carry only a one year guarantee on the battery due to the additional functions.

*  Seiko® Perpetual Calendar batteries are either $25 or $50 depending on the model, must be left for at least two hours to be properly re-set, and carry only a one year guarantee on the battery.

Watch Repair

Watches that need service beyond a battery replacement are sent to our AWCI certified CMW21 professional watchmaker.  There are specific exceptions and they are listed at the bottom of this page.  

While every repair is estimated on an individual basis the price and time frame list below is a good starting point. These prices do not include taxes.  A non-refundable $25 up front shipping fee comes off the final price if you approve the service estimate ($50 for luxury brands).  There is no additional charge if the service is declined.  Additional information regarding specific brands and older timepieces is listed below this price list.

A few common services and starting prices (not including taxes):

  • Stem $60+ / Crown $60+ / Case tube $60+ .... average 2-4 weeks
  • Crystals:
    • Standard round glass $75+ (depending on thickness) .... average 2-4 weeks
    • Fancy shape / custom cut glass $100+ (depending on availability) .... average 4-8 weeks
    • Sapphire, vintage/antique, pocket watch, or luxury $100+  (depending on availability) .... average 4-8 weeks
  • Standard quartz movement service including replacement power cell, cleaning of case & bracelet, water resistance test if applicable (luxury brands will be higher):
    • Average 2-4 weeks
      • Maintenance test & service (complete overhaul or replacement not necessary or possible) $100+ 
      • Complete movement overhaul or replacement $250+ 
  • Mechanical movement service including movement overhaul, cleaning of case & bracelet, water resistance test if applicable (parts availability will greatly influence prices and time frames):
    • Average 4-8 weeks.  Recommend full service every 5 years on average.
      • Standard manual wind $250+ 
      • Standard automatic (self-winding) $350+ 
      • Rolex® / luxury / vintage / antique $600+ (often higher)

All certified dive watches, Citizen® Eco-Drive, Seiko® Solar, Kinetic, and Perpetual Calendar watches are sent to the appropriate authorized service center for any necessary work, including power cells, no exceptions.  

Rolex® and certain other luxury brands automatically require a full service (complete overhaul) which will be reflected in the service estimate. We are bound to those requirements in order to service those watches. In addition, due to Rolex® restrictions on independent watchmakers, any required parts may not be genuine Rolex® parts, OR they may be more expensive if genuine parts are available.

Antique (older than 100 years) and vintage (typically 30 - 99 years old) watches are notoriously expensive to service due to the fact that replacement parts are so often necessary but unavailable or difficult to source because of the age of the piece.  Please be advised: it is extremely common with older pieces for the cost of the service to surpass the value of the watch. We will gladly advise you on the options available for your piece.